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The Greatest Copywriting Secret Of All Time

It can take years to learn to effectively write copy for sales letters and for e-mails or direct mail pieces for your Internet marketing business. It can take a lifetime to master the skill.

This secret is so profound yet at the same time so simple that it can eliminate years from the learning curve of mastering the skill of copywriting if you just apply it correctly.

What is the secret?copywriting-secrets

Write from your heart, just like you would talk to your best friend if he or she were sitting next to you on the couch.

Writing from your heart allows you to show true concern for the person receiving your message and it will let your prospect know that you’ll always look out for their best interests.

You want to make a friend first, earn trust second and maybe recommend a product third. You really have to make sure that you don’t sound like a hype man or woman when you write. People see right through this kind of salesmanship, just as easily in writing as they do in person from a bad used car salesman in shiny white shoes.

You have to show true interest in the well being of your reader first and foremost.

When writing a sales piece you should focus on tapping into the fears, emotions, wants and well being of your reader and do everything to help solve their problems. Level with them and let them know that you understand what he or she is feeling and going through.

This will put you on the same level as your prospect and show them that you really do understand what they are going through or feeling.

You must write like you are writing to just one person and that person has to be your best friend or a loved family member.

This will make sure that you don’t open the letter with something like “Are all of you tired of looking for a better way to _____”?

You want to write a letter to your best friend Jeff or your sweet Grandma Shirley. This is where so many people writing sales copy fall short. They simply just can’t get this one simple point.

If you are going to effective copy you absolutely must write like you are writing to one single person that you deeply care for.

This will make sure that your reader feels like you are writing to just them and that they are the sole focus of your letter or message.

This will help you create a personal relationship with your reader, which will build rapport, trust and respect for you, your business and your recommendations over time.

People all over the world are used to seeing big corporate style advertising coming from a big company and not from a person like you. Everyone including you and I are learning to mentally block out this kind of advertising, it’s almost like we have gotten immune to this sort of mass media advertising.

We are now in the age of Social Marketing, and this has become a “me” world where people only care about the people that care about them back. If you do not start “caring” for your customers, and looking out for their best interests, they will stop caring about you and what you have to say to them, and that’s a guarantee!

Don’t think for one second that your prospect will give your sales piece more than 5 seconds of their time if you start out with a message that focuses more on you, rather than focusing on one of the most important people in their lives… “Them“.

This is so simple, but so often missed.

Most people marketing online write nothing but “you have to get this now, because” type e-mails and sales letters. They tell you a dozen or so hyped up reasons why you must order today, but how often do you get the impression that the person trying to sell you honestly cares if the product or service they are trying to sell you actually makes your life better once they have your cash?

Yes, you want to ask for action in your sales copy when marketing online, but you want to earn trust and build a relationship with your customers first and foremost.

Stop worrying about selling so hard and start worrying about building a relationship with your customers, when you do that you will have a customer for life, and an Internet marketing business that other marketers look at with envy.