David Vallieres Retirement Sale Bonus

One of the original Internet Marketing Experts David Vallieres just announced his retirement from online marketing.

To go out with a bang he is selling rights to 31 of his past products all in one big bundle for under a hundred bucks.

To say this is an insane deal would be a big understatement.

I previously purchased licenses to just 2 of these 31 products. I paid $1000 for one of them and $1500 for the other. Even at that price it was a great deal because I went on to make over $140,000.00 reselling my rebranded versions of these two products.

When you order Dave's retirement package today I will give you both of the two products I purchased rights to as a much higher price in my new "Rebranded" versions.

That means you get all the new graphics I did, the Kunaki files should you decide to sell these as physical products just like I did. but the best part is you will be able to compare his original versions to my rebranded versions of his content so you can reverse engineer how you can do something similar with all 31 of his products.

Watch my 5 minute video above to see photos of my rebranded versions of just two of Dave's products.

You will see I rebranded his amazing stick trading course, not once but twice into two totally new products!

For an amazing price you can get all 31 of Dave's past products to sell as your own and as my bonus you get all 3 versions of the products I rebranded of his as well.

Order Dave's Retirement package through my link and then email me a copy of your receipt to get your bonus downloads emailed to you.

Please give me a few days to get these bonus downloads ready and uploaded as I do not have them online just yet since I previously sold them as physical products.

Get Dave's Retirement Package Here´╗┐!


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Anthony - October 27, 2015

Please let me have an email address to send you a copy of my receipt to get your bonus downloads emailed to me.

    Jeremy - October 27, 2015

    Hey Tony- you got it brother!

    This is a crazy amount of resale rights content David Vallieres is letting go of during his retirement sale.

    Send your ClickBank receipt to Jeremy AT jeremyburns.com with the subkect line “Dave V Bonus” and I will get your bonus products right out to you.

    Thank you for ordering Dave’s resell rights package through my link.


Martin - October 31, 2015


Please could let me have your email address to send you a copy of my receipt to get your bonus downloads emailed to me.



    Jeremy - October 31, 2015

    Hi Martin – please email with the subject line “Dave V Bonus” at Jeremy AT jeremyburns.com and I will get your bonus right over to you!

    Thanks a million, this Dave Vallieres Retirement resale rights package really is an amazing deal.


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