How To Rebrand A PLR Product For Maximum Cash

There is a lot of money to be made with resell rights products and private label resell rights products. Reselling a product created by somebody else is so much easier than creating your own product from scratch.

There are literally tens of thousands of products available on the Internet that come with resell rights. Each one of these products can become a great income source for you with just a little bit of work.

In the previous video series I posted a few days ago “How To Setup A PLR Website Video Training” I taught you how to register a domain name, set up your hosting, add your name to your website, hook up your order buttons, and upload your website making it live on the Internet and available to start taking sales.

Hopefully you have already used what you learned to get a new website online,  if not, please get it online soon.  You can’t start making any money until you take action.

In today’s training How To Rebrand PLR Products For Maximum Cash video tutorial we are going to take things up a notch. I am going to teach you how to totally rebrand a PLR product, so it looks brand new, thus reducing your competition to zero. Before you watch the videos, please read the rest of this post, so you can get an idea of what I am trying to accomplish with you, and why I spent the time creating these videos for you in the first place.

PLR resell rights products are great because most of the work has already been done for you. It can cost thousands of dollars to create your own products to sell on the Internet. Starting from scratch can be expensive if you pay somebody else to do the work necessary to create the product. Hiring experts does not come cheap.

Of course you can create the product yourself, but that takes a lot of “WORK” and the bottom line is that most people are either just not into that W. word, or they just don’t have the technical skills necessary to create a product from scratch.

That’s where resell rights come in. For a relatively low amount of money compared to the average product creation cost, you can purchase a product with rights to resell.

Even better than resell rights are private label resell rights, also known as PLR. PLR products are good and bad depending on who you ask.

When a new PLR product is released, you can make a lot of money with it, if you get on the ball and set up your website right away.

The problem is after five or six months, there can be thousands of other people all selling the exact same product as you. This wouldn’t be all bad considering how many people on this planet have Internet connections. There are billions of people on the Internet that you can consider your potential customers.

The problem is after a certain period of time, more and more people purchase the private label resell rights to any given product and with each new purchase comes new competition for reselling that product.

I’m certainly not saying that you can’t make a ton of money with resell rights and private label rights products when you sell them exactly as they come, even if there are already a lot of people reselling them, you certainly can.

Over time though, the prices people start asking for these products tends to get lower and lower.

Many people that are new to Internet marketing just don’t have the marketing skills necessary to sell very many copies of whatever it is they’re selling, so they think the solution is to simply lower the prices on all of the products they are selling.

People think that by lowering prices they can compete better with all of the other resellers, unfortunately this is just not true.

Competing on price alone is never going to take you to where you want to be in your Internet marketing business.

An old joke: A hamburger stand owner purchases bottles of Coca-Cola from a distributor for a Dime a piece, he then starts selling them for a Nickle. After seeing this his partner asks, “How do you expect us to ever turn a profit this way?” The man replies, “Volume!”

Now obviously that’s a serious exaggeration to what I’m trying to say here, but trust me when I tell you selling resell rights products regardless of if they are digital or physical, for pennies on the dollar of what they should retail at, will never build the kind of business that will get you to the lifestyle you dreamed about when you first decided to become an Internet marketer.

Choose And Target A Niche To Cash In: If you brand yourself as an expert in any market, you can literally own that market! When you own the market you can charge any price that you want for the products you sell.

Consider this… the product that you’re about to see rebranded in the video training included in this blog post was originally called. The Pro Site Design Outsourcing Video Tutorial.

Think about what could happen if you renamed this product to target only lawyers, you could call it…

The Lawyers Video Guide To Outsourcing Your Web Design

There are companies on the Internet advertising website design services specifically for lawyers, but nobody is selling a video series to teach these lawyers how to make sure they get a fair price, and how tell a programmer exactly what they want when designing their website.

You know every lawyers middle name is “Due Diligence”. How many lawyers do you think might buy your video first before hiring a web designer if they were in the market for a new website?

You could be the only one dominating this market.

As of 2007 there were 1,143,358 Lawyers in America alone, I am sure that number is higher today. How many do you think are in the United Kingdom, or Australia?

What about Germany? Remember PLR products can be translated into any language you want. Talk about total market domination!

There is one lawyer for every 265 people in the USA.

How many products with private label resell rights do you think are out there that could be rebranded and re-niched to target strictly lawyers?

A smart marketer could absolutely dominate this market with all of the PLR products that are available today.

Do you think any of these lawyers might like to purchase additional Internet marketing videos to help them promote their websites after they have been built? Lawyers need to learn how to use Google Adwords too!

If you took 10 private label rights products and targeted them at lawyers alone, you would absolutely be the number one expert on the Internet teaching lawyers how to market themselves online.

Sure there are a ton of marketing courses on the Internet, but when a lawyer searches Google and finds a “How To Market Your Website On The Internet” course, and also finds a “How To Market Your Law Office On The Internet” course, which one do you think he or she would be more likely to buy?

It’s a no brainer.

Something else to consider here, is these lawyers have no idea when the PLR products you are rebranding originally came out. You no longer need to worry about the fact that there could be 1000 or 100,000 other people all reselling any given PLR product. It doesn’t matter how many people are reselling it or how old it is, as long as it’s still relevant. If you rebrand any PLR product to target a specific niche market, you can become that markets go to source, or expert guru for the type of products you sell.

If you did have 10 PLR products rebranded and targeted solely at lawyers, you could easily start charging hundreds of dollars an hour for consulting with these lawyers on the phone about how to market their business online, because after all, you’re the expert with 10 products on the subject aimed specifically at their market.

You can sell all of these Lawyers consulting services. You could sell them ready made newspaper advertisements. You could sell services to manage their Google Adwords for them. I could go on and on… you could literally own that market.

I don’t want to go to crazy here but taking it up even another notch, now that you’ve rebranded 10 products targeted at lawyers, how easy do you think it would be to rebrand those exact same products again targeted to a different niche?

Lets consider “Hair Dressers”. With 474,367 established Beauty Salons in the United States alone this is a huge market. Do you think any of these Beauty Salons would have any interest in learning how to get more customers from the Internet?

Do you think that you would need to resort to lower prices, when you’re the only real expert dominating any niche like these I have mentioned with private label rights products? No way, when you’re the expert, you raise your prices.

You will be able to set your own prices, and use these PLR products as your doorway into more and more businesses in any target market that you decide to go into when you start using the PLR resell rights products you have purchased for what they were originally intended for and that’s to rebrand them.

Ok, so I got a little carried away here and wrote a whole lot more than I intended when I got started, but I just want to get across to you there’s so much money to be made with private label rights products when you stop trying to compete with the other 12 million Internet marketers all selling the exact same products back and forth to eachother, and start using these PLR products to rebrand and target a niche.

Five months from now every Internet marketer on the planet will have already seen The Pro Site Design Outsourcing Video Tutorial, and to many it will be considered an old product not worth selling anymore, but how many lawyers do think will have seen “The Lawyers Video Guide To Outsourcing Your Web Design”? You could sell and profit from a product like this for the next five years, and use it as the entryway product to selling all sorts of other products in this niche.

I guess this is the point that you need to ask yourself if you want do exactly what most of the  wannabe Internet marketers are doing and compete with them all on price.

Or are you ready to take things to a new level and make 2010 the year that you become the expert in your niche and dominate it for all of the cash you can?

Only time will tell.

As you are about to see in my PLR rebranding videos, a PLR product can easily be rebranded in about two hours.

Two hours to rebrand the product that you can then start selling for years to come.

If you rebrand some PLR products that you’re proud of, please post links and tell me how your new products are selling, I would love to see them… Make me proud, and make yourself a bunch of money!

Do not let the use of Adobe Photoshop intimidate you in these videos. You do not need to know how to use Photoshop at all if you follow step-by-step along with the videos. You may have to watch the videos more than once but they will always be here so you can come back and study them again and again whenever you need to.

One other option to consider if you prefer to just leave this sort of work to somebody else is that you can certainly outsource this kind of work for not much money at all. Just send your hired outsourcer to these videos to show them exactly what you want.  Just pick a main photo for them at a site like iStockPhoto.com and tell them the main color to use in your new graphics and you will be set.

If you missed my previous beginners tutorial titled “How To Setup A PLR Website Video Training” from a few days ago make sure you check it out also.

Please post your comments below. I would love to hear what you think.

This coming Tuesday, November 17th, I am launching a great new Expert Driven PLR resale rights product. This is a brand new line pf PLR products I started creating with a real “Hollywood Reality Television Producer” friend of mine. This is the very first Expert Driven PLR product of its kind on the Internet. If you’re looking for a great new turn key product with resell rights to kick off 2014, please check it out.

Jeremy Burns

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john - November 11, 2013

Any Person to know that are new to Internet marketing just don’t have the marketing skills necessary because today skill knowledge must & to sell very many copies of whatever it is they’re selling, so they think the solution is to simply lower the prices on all of the products they are selling.

Dan - November 16, 2013

Thanks for the post.
I’ve been looking at rebranding a video for a long time, but feel somewhat intimidated. I’ll watch your video and I hope to change that.

John L - November 16, 2013

Jeremy: you’ve done it again! I’ve been a fan since “Source Code Gold Mine 5”, and have been eagerly anticipating “SCGM 9”, because your Private Label Rights Products are always on the cutting-edge of Online Marketing trends, packed with information, over-loaded with Value: not only do we get Source Code for top of the line Information Products to Rebrand and Resell as our own, we also have the Info and Software Tools at our fingertips to use in our own businesses… even if we don’t want to R&R them, and keep the secrets to ourselves! 🙂 Now, you’re giving Free Video Training on website setup and Rebranding (other gurus are charging a fortune for this info!), plus, you’re going to send us the Physical Products, and show us how to do it as well (w/Kunaki, etc., especially great for eBayers, now!). Jeremy, thanks, again!

Rita - November 16, 2013

Hi Jeremy,
With this note I am writing to thank you for your time given to us all. After watching your videos more than 10 times my dream finally came true. I now have ritlock.com selling private label rights software and howtodip.com a private label rights marketplace to help others like you did, which I wish to link them all to your blogs. You are my Angel Jeremy. Thank you very much.


dave - November 16, 2013

what do we use for graphics if we don’t have adobe photoshop??

David 'resell rights' - November 16, 2013

Thanks for the quality training that other ‘gurus’ would make us pay for! I certainly have lots of PLR to rebrand from my hard drive, but lots of it are without the PSD files so I have the arduous(?) task of actually creating different images but I do enjoy that even though it takes a lot of my time!
I look forward to more training from you in the future….

Hasta Pronto from Spain

Ron Martin - November 16, 2013


What a great inspirational video tutorial set. I am working on two PLR sets right now. I have made the two look like they are version #1 and an Advanced version #2. However, mine didn’t come with a sales page for either one of them. and all the graphics I had was a jpg of the combos………

I have followed you for several years and have bought several products from you throught the years……….So I thought I would finely try and change these PLR sets and see how they come out………Through your inspiration, I have almost finished them……If you want I can show you the finished products when I am done……..I have the ty page, sq-page, and all the rights pages to add to this package………Then I will show you the before and after of the whole package………..

Thanks for all your inspiration through the years…………….


Ron Martin - November 16, 2013

Just forgot to tell you I have bought all your “SCGM” products, except for the 1st one and the last one, the first one was because I didn’t know about them yet and the last one was because I just lost my day job and was out of money……….

Just saying……………….


Peter Cordero - November 16, 2013

Hello Jeremy;

Thank you for these wonderful videos. You just saved me $37.00 by not having to purchase an offer I had in mind. Your a true hero and may God Bless you. I already have the previous videos bookmarked and saw them all. They are much better than other paid videos. I pray that your business prospers each day. You hit the target. just what I needed. Thank you once again for both video lessons.

Peter from Tampa Fl.

Shawn Davis - November 16, 2013

Hey Jeremy;

I love these videos! Excellent content and very well explained. I’ve been a big fan of your products ever since SCGM v2. It is amazing how many “big boys” out there don’t know how to rebrand products and setup their own websites to sell them. Believe me, I’ve been freelancing for a few years now helping some of them do it.

Even though I’ve been in the Internet Marketing arena for the past 8 years, I still learned a little something in each and every video. And the idea I’ve got from them….

Thanks for providing such great products over the years.


Lascells Stone - November 16, 2013

Can you direct me where to purchase the complete set of Videos for training on the PLR business ?…All the details from receiving the material to Editing, Branding, Branding, Graphics, Banners, Landing Page, Uploading…..the complete set up ?. I am new to online business. Thanks….Lascells

Joan - November 16, 2013


You’re undoubtedly one of the best teachers I’ve had so far. I’ve watched gazillions of video tutorials in my 1 year online, but you taught me so many things I had never seen!

You’re an inspiration and I’m for ever grateful for this enormous boost to my learning curve.

Bless you and thanks for your dedication and unselfishness in making these videos to help others.

Steve Dougherty - November 17, 2013

Hello Jeremy,

I’ve been a big fan of your work for some time now and loved all your work. Your videos are top notch tutorials.

I hope that everyone that watches your videos will take them to heart and begin to understand that PLR products are best used as a starting point or ingredients to an end product.

Creating & selling your own info products are a very profitable business model. The plr content you provide is like a Gold Mine (I couldn’t resist) of ingredients for anyone to use for their own product creation.

Jeremy, you make it easy – thanks and keep up the fantastic work.

Looking forward to getting my hands on your Video Disk Gold Mine!

Steve Doughety

Alex Mc Ginty - November 17, 2013

Hi Jeremy.Great set of tutorials.I wish you has done these tutorials earlier though – I have bought several of your SCGM products and even though you advised us to repackage them, I didn’t know how to. I hope that you will included these video’s to your new customers.Take a pat-on-the from me.

Thanks for everthing.

Alex Mc Ginty

Domenica Crea - November 17, 2013

Hi Jeremy,

I thought it was fantastic to have someone show me how to re-brand a PLR product as I have collected quite a few and all they are doing is clutter my computer.
So I cannot tell you how disappointed I was when I could not go past video one.
It would be great if the problem were to be rectified. Video 2 just keeps loading but goes nowhere.

Great work.

    Jeremy Burns - November 19, 2013

    Hi Domenica,

    Sorry for the slow reply, I have been swamped.

    The issue you are having on the part 2 PLR Rebranding videos may be that I tried to get fancy with a new video player that requires your PC have Adobe Flash Player 10 installed for it to work.

    If sounds like your PC does not have this current flash player installed, you can use this alternate link where I have uploaded the rebranding videos in a Camtasia player, that will not require you have Flash Player 10 installed.

    How To Rebrand A PLR Product Video Tutorial

    While not as fancy looking as the other player this alternate set will not requite that you have Flash 10 installed on your PC to video to view the videos.

    Thank you for the nice comments on this videos, I appreciate it!

craig - November 17, 2013

Hi Jeremy,
I just watched the second part of the training series. Once again very professional. There is no way you would pick the product had been rebranded. Awesome!


Karen Estes - November 18, 2013


Your videos are amazing!
You have made them so complete & full of information as well as easy to grasp.

Thanks so much for mapping out how to rebrand PLR!
I always knew it was important, but didn’t know where to start.

I appreciate your sharing great info.

Karen Estes

Larry - November 18, 2013

Hi Jeremy,

GREAT VIDEOS!! You are very good at explaining everything so that even a newbie (like me) can understand! My hat is off to you. No fluff…all stuff!!! Rare in a paid OR free video.

When will you be coming out with the video showing us how to rebrand a PLR product? Like the cat who ate the cheese.. i am waiting for the mouse with baited breath!!! 🙂

May peace and prosperity be yours

Patrick - November 18, 2013

Hi Jeremy! Great videos. I feel like a PS Pro now! LOL
Seriously, great content and I like the way you presented it all the steps.
Very professional. Huge thanks! Have a great day!

Anthony Smith - November 23, 2013

Hi Jeremy,

Truly wonderful and informative videos! You are truly a blessing to newbies like me. The detail in your videos is impeccable. I have a quick question; you are using Photoshop in your videos and I was wondering which version of Photoshop is required to edit the graphics. Would I need to eventually get CS5 or CS5 Extended? I liked the idea of using the free trial, but eventually I know I will have to purchase the full version. So I wanted to know if what you were showing in your videos could be achieved by using CS5 or if I would have to go with the CS5 Extended.

Thanks again for the superb work and products!

Veneta - November 24, 2013

Hello Jeremy,

I love watching your videos and I’ve learned a lot here on how to change the graphics for a PLR product. One thing that is bugging me though is whether i need to rewrite the sales page of a PLR product to make it unique. I’ve looked online for information on this but haven’t found much. Should i change the copy on the original sales page or just leave it alone. Your help would be much appreciated.

Nithiyaah - November 27, 2013

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks alot for these excellent top-notch training videos and I can’t believe that you are giving away these videos for FREE. Hope to get more great tutorials from you. My Hats off to you Jeremy! May God bless you and your loved ones. Keep up the good job.

Joe Conde - November 27, 2013


Thanks for your video. I have now set up a rebranded account, and I hope it fires.
It came up quite nice.

Thanks for the help

Ronaldo - November 30, 2013

Hi Jeremy!!
Your videos are really helpful.

Sabrina - December 1, 2013

Thanks, Please also show tutorials on how to rebrand sourcecode software like seothief – and make an installer file in exe.

Nikki Cooper - December 4, 2013

thanks so much Jeremy you are a superb teacher. I have learned so much from you today and you are very clear.

Nikki Cooper

Andre - December 14, 2013

Hello Jeremy,
I really like your training videos. I almost feel as if your in the room with me. Your information is clear and for the most part, easy to follow.
I purchased the video disk gold mine and it’s great.
I am however having a problem with the black-pack program where when I go to step two for the DVD case it goes a little haywire and produces a 3D cover over the flat image!?
It’s driving me crazy. Maybe it’s something I did with the editing of the original.
Other than that, life is good.
Thanks for the quality products


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