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Hi Welcome...  I'm Jeremy Burns

You may be one of the Millions of people that has been looking for a way to start working from home making money through online marketing. You may be considering looking for a way to replace the day-job income that you support your family with...

or maybe you currently are in a job that you just can't stand,  you're tired of that hour and twenty minute commute each day, or maybe you are tired of dealing with that boss that you haven't liked in years...

….and you are looking for a new way to replace your current income, or even double your current income working from home.

Chances are, if you've made it to THIS website you already know about the power of online video and the huge opportunity that it opens up financially for you.

In a minute I am going to explain how to use video on the internet to make real bankable income working from home

I am going to teach you how to make real money using nothing but the power of an easy to learn software and video on the internet!

But first... If you don't know what Camtasia is, I'll give you the 4 second breakdown...

Camtasia is a piece of software that records video of what's happening on your computers desktop as well as audio from a microphone attached to your computer at the same time.

Camtasia has truly leveled the playing field and made it possible for anyone to create stunning videos for profit at extremely fast rates without any complicated video editing or technology training.

Now literally anyone can create professional video content, and use that content to brand yourself or your business as an expert in ANY marketplace that you choose.

Video is by far the hottest thing going on the Internet.  It beats social networking, SEO, Twitter, you name it.  Creating video products can make you $10,000 to $20,000 per month, and more.

The truth is...

You Can Create Incredibly High Quality Videos From The Comfort Of Your Own Home For Incredible Profit!

Before Camtasia, it was a MAJOR production to do any kind of Professional video work on the Internet.

It required tons of bulky video equipment which ran in the tens of thousands of dollars and took months of training, and years of practice through trial and error to master video production & video product creation.

The great thing about Camtasia is that it requires no video equipment other than your personal computer and a microphone!

You just install the Camtasia software on your computer and you can instantly start capturing videos of your desktop and any activities or training that you decide that you want to record.

This means that YOU now have the same opportunities as the big companies that are using video in their businesses to increase their exposure, credibility and ultimately sales.

You don't need tons of expensive video equipment, you don't need to take months or years of college classes to learn how to create video properly and you don't need to be a video wizard in order to use video to make a REAL income working from home.

If you are not using video NOW in your business you absolutely need to start because...

Video Is The New Standard In Online Marketing!

Video is everywhere online.

You see video being used in almost every new business and product launch on the Internet.

From pre-launch videos, to Facebook video ads, video lead pages and full products made from nothing but video based content... Video is now required to keep people interested in your offer and keep visitors at your website.

You have likely also seen everyday people like you and I that are using video to become instant Internet Celebrities and get tons of exposure and traffic to their websites in just about any niche that you can imagine..

You can watch full TV shows online, music videos and even totally exclusive video content from your favorite celebrities or marketing experts.

With all of these factors all pointing to online video as the wave of the future for the Internet indefinitely, it's vital that you get the ball rolling and start using video in your own online business activities.

Now if you have already used the Camtasia software in the past, you probably already know that it's not that hard to use to record a BASIC video.  Just about everyone that downloads the software can get it up and running in under 30 minutes.

The problem is, because it is so easy to start creating videos with Camtasia right after you install it, most people never REALLY learn how to use it.

What I mean by that, is that while it is pretty easy to use Camtasia to record a basic video right out of the box, there are hundreds of other features that take more time and skill to use and because of that most people are only using this incredible software to about 10% of its capability.

This is not going to happen to you because you will be able to literally watch over the shoulder of my professional in house Camtasia expert as he guides you every step of the way to becoming a true expert at using this amazing software.

You will quickly learn every feature, every trick, and every shortcut of how to create amazing professional quality videos in days, not months or years like it may take you if you were trying to figure this stuff out on your own.

Of course if you are the kind of person that likes to "LEARN THE HARD WAY" or if you like to spend months or even years LEARNING BY DOING, then this program is probably not for you.

You CAN learn to use this software without a doubt on your own, without out my step by program.

But if you are the kind of person that see's value in time saved, if you are the kind of person that knows time is money and that if you can skip the learning curve and move right into expert status in the things that you do fast, then this course is exactly what you need.

Not only are you going to learn how to become a video creation expert in days not months or years, I'm are also going to teach you something 10 times more important than that..

I am going to teach you how to use online video to make real bankable income

I am going to teach you how to make real money using nothing but the power of this amazing software and video on the internet!

Your going to learn strategies that you can use immediately to leverage all of the video content that you create effortlessly to make some serious cash..

These are the kind of secrets that can generate huge amounts of money for you and get you, and your websites tons of exposure and traffic!

My system is going to show you not only how to create your own, high quality video products that you can sell just like the course I am telling you about right now, you’ll also learn how to use video to promote your website or any other services that you provide.

But it doesn’t stop there.

EVEN IF you have no website to promote, no products to sell, no customers or an email list to sell to, and no idea where to start, you’ll be glad to know that I am going to teach you all of that as well.

The first thing I'm going to do in this step by step training program is to teach you how to become an expert video content producer in days, not months, and then after that....

I am going to teach you 20 different techniques for monetizing your newly acquired skills.  You can look at these techniques each as individual business plans you can start to put into action immediately.

You’ll learn:

  • How to record your own video content at a professional level
  • How to edit and polish all of your new video content
  • How to produce and publish your new video and put it on the web

And then I will teach you 20 different action ideas you can implement right away, that can lead to an incredible source of reliable income, in an incredibly short amount of time

My Goal Is To Provide You With All The Skills Necessary To Become A Video Generating Machine, Literally Over A 3 Day Weekend

My team and I spent over a year and a half creating this program and it is so powerful, and so absolutely fool-proof, I guarantee that you can pay for the entire course by implementing just 1 of the 20 Action Ideas featured in the course, the first time that you use it. 

Think about that for a minute.  If just 1 Action Idea will pay for the entire course the first time you use it, what do you think can happen if you use all 20 of my Action Ideas over and over again?

Once you go through my powerful video training package, you’ll be able to create your very own information products to sell online.

You will be able to create as many products as you want that you can sell for REAL MONEY, over and over again.

I am also going to teach you how you can hire your video creation services out to high paying clients on an ongoing basis, for Tens of thousands of dollars a month.

If you have existing products or websites, I will teach you how putting video on your landing pages, can increase your website conversion rates by over 50%.

Forget about paying crazy prices to video creation experts.  Now YOU can be the expert and create an amazing income generating video content for FREE whenever you want.

Soon you will be able to create amazing video products..

You will learn how to use video to drive traffic, and build email lists, and if you choose to, you can be the video expert people are paying  $500 an hour to, to create video content for them.

These cash secrets I am going to walk you through, are used by Internet marketing experts all over the world.  These are the Men and Women that are already IN THE KNOW, and when you learn what they already know you can take your business from ground zero, to a real money producing alternative to your day job in as little as 14 days.

Now I don't what to overwhelm you or scare with thoughts of actually having to WORK here but you're going to get over 20 hours of intense, hard-core, hands on, video instruction taking you step by step through learning and using today’s hottest video screen capture technology.

But there’s much more to this enormous package than just learning how to use the software.  In fact, the most valuable part of the course is the 20 action ideas that are included in the second half of your hands on training.

The main focus of this course isn't just how to create video, of course you will learn how to create your own videos at an expert level in record time, BUT the main purpose of this program is to teach you how to use video to earn a great income.

After All, Making Money Is What You're Most Interested In Learning About Right?

Here's just some of what you're going to learn...

You Will Learn How To Super Charge Your Affiliate Marketing With Video...

If you've been struggling to make any money as an affiliate, you are going to learn how you can put your affiliate marketing efforts into hyper drive using an extremely simple to implement technique!

Using video in your affiliate marketing will blow up your profits. Use this secret on your website, in your blog, and on Social Media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and watch your profits explode!

You're Going To Learn How To Revive An Old School Marketing Method That's Been Losing Steam For Years!

You are going to learn how you can take one of the most used marketing methods on the planet and revamp it to pull in response rates and sales like your competition will never believe.

You will be able to dominate any market that you choose to get into with this one secrets alone.

You Will Learn How To Get Free Traffic Using The Video Content That You Easily Create!

You will learn how to use your new video content for "Social Media Traffic Attraction" - As you know Social Marketing is one of the hottest traffic generating methods on the planet just like video!  

By using online video with the ideas that we show you, you will be able to generate thousands of quick and FREE visitors to your website with ease which will drive the profits of your business to new levels!.

I Will Teach You How To Take A Simple Idea And Make Extremly High End Profits With That Idea

In this module you will learn how to make thousands of dollars every month from your customers without ever shipping a thing using nothing but video!

This is the secret to true wealth online that the many of the big marketing gurus will never share with you! You get this secret along with so many more when you order  your video marketing package now.

I'm Going Teach You How To Eliminate 99% Of All Of Your Support 

As you sell product or even just promote affiliate products you will start getting e-mails and support desk tickets asking for help.

I'm going to show you how to eliminate nearly all of that support and make your customers and affiliate referrals much more happy with your service!

Happy customers means more repeat sales and more repeat income. You need to implement this into your business as soon as possible!

You Are Going To Learn The Ultimate In Repeat Video Income Secrets

In this Action idea you are going to learn to profit not just one time from a customer but dozens of times from the same customer over and over again in automated "rinse and repeat business"!

Repeat income is always easier to get than new income and this secret will tell you everything you need to know to sell to your customers again and again!

This secret alone is worth the price of admission all by itself and you can use it over and over.

You Will Learn Over 20 Ways You Can Use Video In Your Business Right Now To Start Making Real Profits!

I'm not going to teach you 3 or 4 simple ideas and then leave you to figure out the rest on your own. You're going to learn over 20 ways that you can use video content right now, to produce real results that you can measure.

The Action ideas I am going to teach you are easy implement, fast to put into action and low cost ways to start making REAL money online right away.

By now you may be wondering if Someone Like You Can Really Create Professional Video Content & And make the kind of money with that video content that I am talking about Even if you have no current email list and even if you have never created a video in your life?

The Answer To That Is YES You Can!...

It is not hard to create totally professional video content, and then learn how to use that content to create a real income when you follow my simple step by step instructions.

But please keep in mind, that if you are the kind of person that is looking for a Pie In The Sky kind of system that promises you to simply place your order and then wait for the money to start rolling in, then this training is definitely NOT for you.

You see, this system will actually require you to go through all of the training materials, and actually complete the included exercises.

YOU will actually need to know the material we teach you and then you will need to REALLY TAKE ACTION and start using what you learn to see results.

It's not complicated or difficult at all... but you will absolutely need to do some work, so if you are looking for a magic pill, or an easy button to make money from home then this is not the program for you.

This is a real system with over 20 hours of training and you will need to watch and learn all of it if you want it to work for you.

So if you are ready to trade in your day job for the kind of lifestyle working from home can bring you, or if you are looking for a way to replace a job that you may have been layed off from,

but at the same time you understand that this system will still require you to actually do some WORK then this is a system that I know will work for you.

Just please understand that this is a way to make REAL money on the internet, and it will require you to put in some REAL hours just like you do at your day job now, but if you are willing to do a little bit of work, the rewards can be much greater that what you are getting now selling your life one hour at a time between the hours of 9 am and 5pm.

In fact, once you know the simple steps necessary to just plug in my ready to go Action ideas into your business, it is downright easy to do.

So what I have gone over is just a small sampling of everything that is included in my Video Training Program.

There is so much that I just can't tell you everything here.  You can plan on learning literally dozens of strategies for making quick profits using nothing more than your home computer and the amazing Camtasia software along with all of the skills and action ideas that I am about to teach you!

You can even combine my strategies for a powerhouse effect that not only multiplies your exposure, and traffic but also the profits that you can expect, and it's those profits that really matter to you the most right?

The  action ideas I will teach you are genuine, business creation goldmines.  By using any 1 of my action ideas, you can and will build an online, home based income, in just days after you finish the course... which will allow you to say goodbye to your 9 to 5 co-workers, say goodbye to the boss you can't stand, and say goodbye to that hour and twenty minute commute to work you currently endure each day.

If you could start working from home in as little as two weeks, and make the same kind of money that you are making right now, would you be interested in doing that?

If you could start working from your home in the next two weeks and possibly double or triple your current income, would you be willing to put in the time necessary to make that happen, if you knew it could be a true reality in just a few short weeks?

What I will teach will give you everything you need to be able to start working on YOUR own terms from home and the key to building a REAL business and a REAL income that you can start making from home in the next 2 weeks.

By ordering my system you are securing not only your financial future but your ability to earn a real living from home likely making much more money each week than you are right now.

Every Business On The Internet Will Become A Video
Producing Company in 2015 and Beyond Or They
Will Be Left In The Dust...

How Much Video Content Are You Using
In Your Internet Business Today?

If you are not using video in your business on a very large scale in 2015 and beyond then you face certain and immediate reduced income and even possibly total failure in today's media rich Internet.

Now is the time to start making video the biggest part of your marketing and content creation efforts if you wish to succeed in 2015 and beyond.

Don't Believe Me? Maybe you better open up your eyes and take a look and a few monster companies like Harley Davidson, Red Bull, and even The Home Depot. These companies "get it" and are producing more and more video in their businesses every day.

All of These Companies Use Video In Their Online Marketing And Video On Their Websites In A Very Big Way

The Home Depot has two YouTube channels, they have their "PRO" channel geared towards professional contractors and then they also have their consumer channel which is loaded with over 1150 great "how to" videos and loads of mini-advertising DIY style videos. You will also find loads of tutorial videos on their main website as well.

The Home Depot even hired professional blogger Katie Bower of the Bower Power blog to create a super cool intro video for their YouTube channel on a DIY start to finish bathroom makeover. Do you think they are getting pretty serious about video if they are hiring pro bloggers to create some of their content!

Their main competitor "Lowes" also has a massive YouTube channel with over 1200 great videos and over 126,000 subscribers. These two companies sell hardware yet you can tell they take their video production and video marketing very seriously.

If a company that makes most of their income selling nails, bolts, lawn mowers, and so many other home improvement type items is taking video so seriously in their business model don't you think that you should too?

Creating video content for use in your online marketing and creating full blown video products you can sell as your own has never been easier and with my video training moving sale package you can learn step-by-step how to create your own video content and products right away.

This Video Marketing Training course will arrive on your doorstep loaded to the brim with the following contents...

  • 8 Incredibly Simple Video CD's - To Get You Moving Immediately! - These CD's are packed with all of the video training that you need to get started NOW. Simply drop one of these CD's into your computer CD Drive, click play and sit back and watch your way to being a Camtasia Master!
  • 4 Info Packed Bonus Video CD's For Making Huge Profits With Video! - This portion of the training kicks what you've learned into hyper drive so that you can profit quickly and in dozens of different ways!
  • A Printable PDF Version Of Our 1300 Plus Page Manual - Use This Thick, Bound Manual to Read, Reference & Mark Up! - You will get all of the important points of the video training in this easy to read & reference manual that you can put notes in if you have ideas and bookmark pages with vital things you need to know for making the most money possible. Put this monster manual in the 2 included custom binders and you are good to go.
  • Beautiful Fast Start Action Idea Checklists - This could be considered "condensed brain food". After going through the course, you won't have to go back to the videos and watch a bunch of footage in order to remember steps and things you need to know. These quick checklists cover all of the major aspects of using Camtasia to create video and make money for quick & easy reference at a glance!

You Must Use Video To Grow Your Brand, Products, and Services Starting Now

  • Video Is A Must In 2015

    You must be using video in your business in 2015 if you stand a chance to compete in today’s online marketplace. Lets us show you how easy it is to get started.

  • Easy Video Support

    Watch how easy your customer support is to manage when you have a few video tutorials automatically walking your customers through how to use your products.

  • Video Equales More Sales

    Video Sales Letters and Video Products are the easiest path to more cash in your business. Learn how to easily make video a massive income stream in your business today!

  • Search Marketing With Video

    If you want to rank high in search, you must be using video in your online marketing. Video is 10 times easier to rank with than words alone and it is a must in 2015 and beyond.

  • Free Training & Paid Courses

    Use video to create free training which will build your email lists. Then funnel these new leads into your paid courses for massive income advancement in your business.

  • Build Expert Status

    Use video in your business to position yourself as an expert in your field. Expert status means more customers and more sales in your funnel.

  • Webinar Marketing Works

    Create videos in your business to use in recurring automated webinars. Webinars and proven to increase sales of high ticket products.

  • Mobile Video Marketing

    As mobile content delivery grows, so does the need for you to be using video content in your business. Let us show you how to create videos in your business the easy way today!

Creating Your Own Video Products Is Now
Easier Than Ever Before...

Mastering Video Marketing And Using It For Your Own Financial Prosperity Is So Easy It Will Blow Your Mind!

Here are some of the most important points that you will discover immediately upon going through this incredibly easy to follow video content training program..

  • Video Content Creation From A to Z - The main module shows you every dirty little secret that you need to know to maximize the Camtasia video creation software! You will know how to use Camtasia to create video that blows people away! use Camtasia to create video that blows people away!
  • Insider Shortcuts To Creating Pro Video - You will learn how to quickly create loads of professional video without knowing a bunch of technical stuff. It's easy!
  • How To Deliver Your Videos - This section will show you how to easily setup menus, web pages and even a CD-ROM to deliver your video content effortlessly.
  • How To Make Money Giving Away Your Content - You are going to uncover the places online that you can give away your content for free and use that exposure to get traffic back to your product or service site so that you can turn it into cold, hard cash!
  • Paid Product Secrets - You are going to learn a ton of ways you can create and deliver video content to people in exchange for a hefty fee and how you can make a killing doing so!
  • Video SEO Profits - Video SEO is huge and you are going to learn how to leverage your video content skills to create tons of targeted traffic to your own websites easily!

Yes - You Can Create Cash Generating Video Content With No Experience Necessary...

I'm sure by now that you are ready to get moving so that you too can start profiting from the huge video boom and start puffing up your bank account with some extra income & profits.

It really is not a hard thing to do.

If you have a little time and dedication I promise that this will be not only the easiest way you've ever seen to make money on the Internet but also an extremely fun way of doing so. Video is an interactive and "full of life" kind of product to create and purchase as a customer so it's definitely a win for you on the creation aspect and a win for the customer on the purchase end.

To be completely honest, you have probably seen dozens and dozens of courses on the Internet that cost well over $1,000 that promise to teach you how to make money using video content. Many are several thousand dollars.

This is especially true with a physical product.

But I'm not "every other marketer" and I have a genuine interest in seeing you succeed like you never thought possible on the Internet.

That being said, I'm not going to charge anywhere near that amount for this video content training course. If you act today you get this huge, beefy box of Video CD-ROMs, checklists, manuals and bonuses for the budget soothing price of $697 plus shipping.

- UPDATE - during my limited time"Moving Sale" get an instant 90% price reduction over what this video training normally sells for, but only if you order now before I move!

Pretty incredible right?

Yes - You Get Everything Shipped To Your Door For 90% Off Today!

You Will Be Banging Out Video After Video In No Time Flat...

If you want to learn step-by-step how to create loads of great video content that will drive traffic to your websites and content than you can compile into cash generating video training programs then this is the program for you.

You get 90% of the normal price when you order now, but if you wait the cost will double as soon as I make my move. If I have to take these boxes with me my motivation to blow them out at this give-away price will be gone forever.

Please use the order button below so I can get your copy shipped out to you right away.

Take Control Of Your Life And Start Making REAL Money Using The Power Of Easy To Create Video Content!

You Are Going To Learn How To Create A Substantial Paycheck Every Week I Guarantee It!

We truly have left nothing to question in this program..

I am so sure of that, that I make this promise to you. Try my program. Pick just 1 of the 20 action ideas I will teach you, and take action on it. If you don’t make at least your minimal investment in my course back and know for sure that you have stumbled onto something that REALLY will replace the income from your day, then just let us know.

I will tell you how to ship everything back and I will give you a full refund no questions asked and definitely no hoops to jump through. And I will even let you keep my 20 ACTION IDEA flash cards just for trying this out.

It's easy to get started just Click the “I am taking action button” on this page and I will ship you everything you need to get started right away from my offices here in California.

Even if you feel a bit "on the fence", think about the guarantee that I am providing to you and know that you truly have nothing to lose.

If you go through the material and decide that this is just not for you, just send everything back.

I know if you truly take the time to go through this material that will not happen. I know you will be sending me your success story soon, so click the button below right now, and let's get you started with your new lifestyle of finally being able to earn the kind of income you need working from home..

Right now is the time you need to ask yourself if you truly are looking for a better way to earn a living by working from home.

The real truth of the matter is,

You Can Make Money... Or You Can Make Excuses', But You Can't Make Both!

Make A Decision To Make A Change In 2015 And Beyond, Please Place Your Order Right Now!

FREE BONUS: As soon as Camtasia version 9 is released we will be doing training on this as also. This update will be provided to you free of charge as soon as that update takes place from Camtasia.

Jeremy Burns Big Moving Sale - with USA ShippingJeremy Burns Big Moving Sale - with USA Shipping
Jeremy Burns Big Moving Sale - with International ShippingJeremy Burns Big Moving Sale - with International Shipping

Today you have a limited time opportunity to own one of my premiere video creation training products at almost a 90% discount off what it originally sold for.

Worldwide shipping is included in the massively discounted pricing above. Just choose the order button above based on your shipping location and your package will be mailed out to you right away.

No Worries. We have a 60 day money back guarantee. If you do not feel you learned some great new video creation skills and ideas that can make you money in your business send it back for a full refund, no questions asked.

Rock-Solid Money Back Guarantee

Your order today will be shipped directly to your home with full duplication and resale rights. "You will have a full 60 days to decide it's everything I say it is". If you later decide it's just not for you please ship it back to me for a full refund minus shipping costs, no questions asked.


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • q-iconWill There Be An Update To Your Video Training When Camtasia Studio 9 Is Released?

    The simple answer is a big YES. When Camtasia Studio 9 is released we will be updating this training with a new $697 course. You will get this update 100% for free, included with your purchase today. This bonus alone makes your order a must buy today.

  • q-iconDo I Get Everything In The Course Photo Above?

    Yes, you get our full $697 training shipped to your door at a massive discount today. Because of he discounted price the 1300 page manuals will come in PDF format, we ship the DVD’s and custom binders to your home, then use the manuals in PDF format or pint the manuals yourself.

  • q-iconWill I Really Be Able to Create My Own Video Training Products With No Previous Experience?

    Yes! This course is a complete step-by-step system and after watching it you will be able to create video products, video for marketing, or any other kind of video you could want to use in your business. There is over 20 hours of video included so we have left nothing to question.

  • q-iconIs There Anything Else To Buy To Get Started Using Video In My Business?

    You will need to have a copy of the Camtasia studio software to make video courses using our training. I recommend watching the training and then downloading a free 30 day trial of the software. If you can not make enough cash during the free 30 day trial of the software with what you learn in my course to be able to pay for it 10 times over then please return my course for a full refund. No questions asked.