My Weekend With Anthony Robbins

Taking action is the most important thing when it comes to having success on the Internet.

This weekend I am going to the Anthony Robbins UPW seminar in Long Beach, actually its not just this weekend, it is 4 days Friday to Monday.

I have been wanting to see him live for years now so I signed up for one of his Diamond Premier seats which guarantees me a seat in one of the 1st two rows.

To say I am excited would be an understatement.

If you have never checked out Anthony Robbins’ stuff I really recommend his Personal Coaching Collection CD’s.

I just saw that it was on sale for 25% off at his site, so at $75 bucks its a great way to get your self going, here is that link


You can also search Google for “Anthony Robbins” and find all kinds of products and forum support groups to help get a fire going under your feet!

Every time I find myself slacking, Tony’s motivational techniques really fire me back up again.

While motivation is great, there is one more thing that truly sets apart who will have success and who will not.

You have to do everything you can to learn the latest ways to make things happen in your Internet marketing business.

Here is another idea that may be just what you need to achieve the level of success I have on the net.

One of the most important things when it comes to making a full time living on the Internet is being an expert at creating your own products.

I have this down cold, I have now created over 120 products from scratch to sell on the Internet.

Right now I have permission to offer you a free physical newsletter and CD that will keep you up to date every month with the latest ideas and tactics you need in your business to help you with your product creation tactics…

Keith Wellman is allowing me to give you a month to try it on him. It’s very limited so you will want check it out right now as he only gave me a few days to be able to offer this to you.


Have a great weekend,

Jeremy Burns

P.S. Regardless of if you look into some Tony Robbins products or try your free month of Keith’s newsletter “please just do something”

Nothing will happen until you take action.. I guarantee you that.

“You can make excuses, or you can make money, but you can’t make both”

Jeremy Burns

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Paulie Sabol - August 10, 2007


As it turns out my partner Donna Fox and her PA are at the Tony event this weekend in California.

Previously, my friends and partners Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal attended as well, unlike the inexpensive offer you made, they teamed up with Tony to the tune of $65,000 a pop 🙂

Tony has great technologies. It’s wonderful to hear about your experience. Hope to see you soon.


Paulie Sabol

Michelle L. Green - August 10, 2007

That is great that you are going to see Anthony Robbins. I have just recently started listening to his material. He is definitely in a class of his own, and like you, I recommend anyone who hasn’t heard him to check him out…at the very least, go to YouTube and do a search on him to get a sample of his powerful messages. Michelle L. Green

Bryan Morris - August 10, 2007

Have a Great weekend !

Kind regards,


KC Kudra - August 10, 2007

Hi Jeremy,

I personally don’t know a lot about Anthony Robbins but I do know a thing or two about you and if your recommending his stuff it is surely got to be dynamite. I’m glad you finally have a blog because it gives me the opportunity to publicly thank you for being a true inspiration and incredible stand up guy.

I love your line about “Nothing will happen until you take action” and would just like to add another note of inspiration you gave me about just stick to it and persistence and things will happen. I personal thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping give some guidance and encouragement when I need it most and the good news is you were so right.

Thanks and all the best to you and your family from mine we all appreciate the encouragement you gave us when we need it most. Your top notch products you make set the standard for others to follow in my opinion you are the PLR King.

Warm Regards,

KC Kudra

BearMan - August 11, 2007

Tony is a friend of mine and I can say he is the farthest thing from a whiner. Now, I admit, his marketing style is far different than mine but you can’t deny his ability to reach people. I challenge you to educate yourself before you judge this man. I have personally witnessed some amazing things in my life. None more powerful than experiencing the power of passion. Find that within yourself and you will change your life forever.



amyj energy = bliss - August 12, 2007

Hope the weekend went well. I think Anthony Robbins teachings and technologies are great. Only 1 gripe, he has WAY too many people in an event (too impersonal unless like Jeremy you are going to shell out the massive thousands of dollars to be upfront) and too costly.

To spend that amount to sit so far back in a huge auditorium packed like a sardine to watch a huge video screen (cuz Tony is a small little spec you can’t see on the stage really) is ridiculous IMO. I personally like a more intimate event, you actually feel like your presence makes a difference!



PS – I love you! I’m Sorry! Please Forgive me! Thank you! –

Marcus - August 13, 2007

Today being Monday you should be going thru the living health day, health is a big component that Tony talks about.

For those who made those pre school comments, (these have now been deleted by the moderator) I know they come from not knowing what Tony is about. So that said, they should just be ignored… unless they have gone thru a live event with Tony, there is no way to make comments of his work. The audio material that’s out there does no justice compared to seeing him LIVE.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Mile Filisame at the 4 days event back in April, he is on his way to connecting with some big movers and sharkers by joining Tonys elive Platinum program.

It will be interesting to hear what Jeremy has to say when he gets back tonight from the event.

Ralf Skirr - November 21, 2007

Hi Jeremy,

how was your Tony-weekend?

I went to UPW in Europe in 1996 and later attended Mastery University. What he does is awesome, I can recommend his events to everyone.


noor - July 10, 2008

i want to become a life coach like him………..can i get dvd somewhere on internet…………so that i learn his exact content and his programs procedure

Dali Burgado - July 25, 2008

Tony Robbins is one of my favorite mentors.

I love his energy and like his Incantations…

Every day in Every Way I’m getting Stronger and Stronger! 🙂

I love his quote: “Emotion comes from MOTION.” Taking action is crucial.

I appreciate you!
Dali Burgado


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