Customer Service Matters

For those of you that might not understand the concept of what good customer service means when it comes to online marketing, allow me to share what I know.

For many years, I’ve been involved in the Internet marketing business, and over that time, I have had customers and employees follow me every time I made a move. Many of these customers refused to deal with anyone else. Why? Because I took the time to build relationships.

Building relationships comes so easy to me that I didn’t even realize what I was doing until various seminars and conversations with a few friends spelled it all out for me.

The number one thing I did was to be genuine. Don’t try to be someone you’re not because chances are your customer will see right through it and be immediately wary of anything else that you have to say. Besides, it’s a whole lot easier to be yourself!Customer Support

Be engaged. Give your customer your full attention and show interest in what they’re saying. Take the time to dig down and find out what gives them pain. Make suggestions on ways to deal with that pain. This goes a long way toward building rapport.

Conduct business with integrity. Don’t “sell” your customer something they don’t need. It will only create resentment when they realize what’s happened. Instead let your product speak for itself by offering a quality product that solves the needs of your customers.

Be honest. Make sure that your product delivers what you say it will, and be prepared to discuss openly the things that it doesn’t or can’t deliver. If you don’t know the answer to something, don’t try and bluff your way through. Customers will understand and respect you a whole lot more if just admit you don’t know the answer, but you’ll find out and get back to them. Trust me when I say that no one expects you to have all the answers, and coming across like you do just gives your customer a reason to distrust you. You can’t give everything to everyone, and it doesn’t pay off to give that impression. If you don’t have what your customer wants or needs, and you know someone who does, point them in that direction. You customer will be impressed that you’re looking out for them and not for you. After all, this is what it’s all about!

Keep the promises you make. This requires that you be realistic in what you can do and the time it takes you to do it. If you tell someone that you’ll contact them with an answer at a certain time, make darn sure that you do! If, for some reason you haven’t been able to find the answer by the agreed upon time, contact them anyway to let them know why and when you expect that you will have the answer for them. They’ll understand, and will appreciate your call or email. The same thing applies with a promise of delivery. Make sure that you can deliver by the time you state, and if you can’t, make sure you contact your customer to let them know. I wouldn’t recommend making a habit of this, as it will affect your credibility on reliability.

Over-deliver. So often people try to get away with the very least that they can when it comes to providing a product or service. You want to stand out from the rest and by providing more than is expected, and more than is promised each and every time, you’ll soon become the “go to” person in your niche.

Follow up. This is a great way to build relationships, especially if you follow up within a set period of time after the delivery of your product. Your customer wants to feel like you care, and if you follow up with a call or an email to ask if they’re enjoying your product or if they have any questions or concerns, they will know that you care. Stay in touch with your client especially if things start to go sideways to ensure that the “fix” is working for them. This will mean different things for different products.

Relationship building is the foundation of excellent customer service that will keep your customers coming back for more and it will have them referring their family and friends to you and our products or services.

When you follow these simple customer service rules when marketing your business on the Internet, you will soon see your business attracting more customers each and every day.


The Greatest Copywriting Secret Of All Time

It can take years to learn to effectively write copy for sales letters and for e-mails or direct mail pieces for your Internet marketing business. It can take a lifetime to master the skill.

This secret is so profound yet at the same time so simple that it can eliminate years from the learning curve of mastering the skill of copywriting if you just apply it correctly.

What is the secret?copywriting-secrets

Write from your heart, just like you would talk to your best friend if he or she were sitting next to you on the couch.

Writing from your heart allows you to show true concern for the person receiving your message and it will let your prospect know that you’ll always look out for their best interests.

You want to make a friend first, earn trust second and maybe recommend a product third. You really have to make sure that you don’t sound like a hype man or woman when you write. People see right through this kind of salesmanship, just as easily in writing as they do in person from a bad used car salesman in shiny white shoes.

You have to show true interest in the well being of your reader first and foremost.

When writing a sales piece you should focus on tapping into the fears, emotions, wants and well being of your reader and do everything to help solve their problems. Level with them and let them know that you understand what he or she is feeling and going through.

This will put you on the same level as your prospect and show them that you really do understand what they are going through or feeling.

You must write like you are writing to just one person and that person has to be your best friend or a loved family member.

This will make sure that you don’t open the letter with something like “Are all of you tired of looking for a better way to _____”?

You want to write a letter to your best friend Jeff or your sweet Grandma Shirley. This is where so many people writing sales copy fall short. They simply just can’t get this one simple point.

If you are going to effective copy you absolutely must write like you are writing to one single person that you deeply care for.

This will make sure that your reader feels like you are writing to just them and that they are the sole focus of your letter or message.

This will help you create a personal relationship with your reader, which will build rapport, trust and respect for you, your business and your recommendations over time.

People all over the world are used to seeing big corporate style advertising coming from a big company and not from a person like you. Everyone including you and I are learning to mentally block out this kind of advertising, it’s almost like we have gotten immune to this sort of mass media advertising.

We are now in the age of Social Marketing, and this has become a “me” world where people only care about the people that care about them back. If you do not start “caring” for your customers, and looking out for their best interests, they will stop caring about you and what you have to say to them, and that’s a guarantee!

Don’t think for one second that your prospect will give your sales piece more than 5 seconds of their time if you start out with a message that focuses more on you, rather than focusing on one of the most important people in their lives… “Them“.

This is so simple, but so often missed.

Most people marketing online write nothing but “you have to get this now, because” type e-mails and sales letters. They tell you a dozen or so hyped up reasons why you must order today, but how often do you get the impression that the person trying to sell you honestly cares if the product or service they are trying to sell you actually makes your life better once they have your cash?

Yes, you want to ask for action in your sales copy when marketing online, but you want to earn trust and build a relationship with your customers first and foremost.

Stop worrying about selling so hard and start worrying about building a relationship with your customers, when you do that you will have a customer for life, and an Internet marketing business that other marketers look at with envy.


Video Disk Gold Mine Physical PLR Resale Rights

I just launched my big Video Disk Gold Mine package.

This physical PLR product package includes 10 products with full resellers websites, video squeeze pages, Kunak.com ready duplication files and more.

If you have never setup a resell rights website, don’t let that stop you, I am also including over 3 hours of step by step video based training to help you get your websites online fast. Even if you have no experience setting up a website, these videos will make it easy.

These products are dropped shipped for you for $1.00 each (we give more details about that on the site) or if you prefer you can duplicate the CD’s yourself as well. You resell them at any price you choose and keep all of the profit for yourself.

If you hurry there is a fast action bonus that will just blow your socks off!
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Video Disk Gold Mine Physical PLR Products

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PLR Video and a personal challenge for you

I have a personal challenge for you.

This includes an opportunity to work with me personally so take a minute and see if this is for you.

You literally will have the chance to work with me one on one on the phone when you invest just $9.95

Would you spend $10.00 to make $100?

How about $10 to make $500 or $1000, or maybe even $10,000?

I can tell you I personally would spend $10 to make $11 and I would do it a million times over in a week if there was enough time in that week to do it.

Well I have found a pretty easy way to rapidly grow $10 and I wanted to share it with you since I know we both have the same goals when it comes to working on the Internet.

One of my good friends (his name is Jeremy also) is doing something right now that is downright awful and I thought you really, really needed to know about it.

The awful part is that I did not think of it first…

It is a brilliant package and it truly will make some people, including myself a lot of cold hard cash next year.

Now, as you know I do not release a ton of products on the net, but ‘everything’ I do release makes me a ton of money.

This is because I literally think everything I do to death before I do it.

Even though I literally have thousands of ideas each year that all would appear to be winners to most at first glance, I scrap most of them right away and only go for the SURE winners.

This is the big reason I have never had a project that did not make a ton of cash.

I will make a ton more of it with this new project I am about to point you too, and you can do the same if you are one of those people that actually “take action” when you see something good.

This is a super easy idea and you can try it and see if I know what I am talking about for a seriously low risk of $9.95

Yes, less than the $10 I mentioned above will allow you to give this a shot before you commit to it.

You will see the sure fire potential I promise you.

Now honestly this is not for everyone. If you are not willing to risk $9.95 on your future on the Internet then this will not work for you.

I can say however that if you do not see the value in this once you think it over then most likely you are getting my email by mistake and you may want to just scroll to the bottom now and remove yourself from receiving future contact from me.

That removal link is at the very bottom of this message and if you click it you will never hear from me or about any of my hair brained ideas again. (as if they were not working for me 😉

But… if you are willing to risk $9.95 and you do not mind using your brains a little bit to ACTUALLY REBRAND A PLR PRODUCT and make it your own then you have to see this right now.

You see, this killer product is of such a high value that It will take only a very small amount of re-working or rebranding before you can sell it as your own and no one will ever know that you are not the original creator.

Yes, you will actually need to work a little but before you can resell this product as your own.

Trust me though that is totally in your benefit because then you will not end up with some bird brains out there reselling the same products as you for 1% of their true value as you do with so many other PLR products.

Here’s the kicker though.

You do not need to be a genius or have any experience to rebrand a PLR product and market it. If you change it just a little, you can make it totally your own.

This will totally remove your competition, so all you will need are some simple Google Adwords ads to sell your new product and you are in business.

You truly do not even need a small email list to get started on something like this..

It is going to be this simple.

#1 Rebrand it.

#2 Run some simple Google ads to a page where you give away a killer sample to your prospects in trade for their email address.

#3 Follow up with those folks until they become a customer.

#4 Over deliver to them with everything you have, just give until it hurts.

#5 Do steps 1 through 4 over and over again

(I will help you with any of these steps you are not sure about setting up yourself)

It is not hard to really make an unbelievable income on the Internet, and PLR is one of the easiest ways to do it even though it gets a bad rap sometimes.

It only gets a bad rap from “The Lazy People” and we both know that’s not you.

Sure if you are looking at PLR products to sell them as you receive them then yes they can suck, most people that buy them will be cheap selling them within a week and you will be competing on price until the end of time.

If this is your strategy then I recommend that you NEVER buy another PLR product again and I will flat out tell you that you are a fool if you do.

You will never make it like this.

Now you may be thinking that it’s easy for me to say that, You own the big SCGM sale so how can you lose?

Well I do admin it is different for me since we are not buying and reselling PLR as my main earners, we actually create all of our content from scratch and then are the 1st sellers of it so we have NO competition.

But one thing that you do not know about me most likely is very important.

You see I have a ton of other things going on other than just Source Code Gold Mine.

I buy PLR products like mad. I promise you I have bought way more PLR than you have.

I buy them and then rebrand them.  I mix them up, pair them together, add to them, subtract from them, and sometimes leave the really good ones exactly as they are and just slap some nice graphics on them and turn them into a high end physical product.

I am willing to spend big money on PLR products also because I know they work, when I work them.

60 days ago I paid $1497.00 for a set of PLR rights to just one product.. it was a bunch of loose videos, not formatted in any way at all and just a big download.

I thought it was kind of a bad way that they were delivered actually but I saw the potential because the content was good.

I spent $180 having them edited with my logo added to the front of all 50 of them. I spent another $150 having simple Camtasia menus made for them, and I had them put on auto play CD’s

I printed up a few thin manuals with checklists of the content contained of the disks.

I had some cool graphics made up for less than $200

By the time I was done I had about $2000 into this product.

So far 60 days later I have sold $34,714.00 worth of that product and I am truly just getting started, this video set will bring in $100,000 for me in the next few months and twice that over the next year or so.

I could have sold this PLR product the same way everyone else was by trying to sell it.

As-Is… that’s just senseless and lazy..

I then would end up simply competing on price with them all, like they are now doing with each other.

With a little work I brought way more value to my customers and they got a better product at a great price.

You can do this to! You can and you know it.

It just takes a tiny bit of work and a willingness to go a little above what everyone else is willing to do.

Ok so this message has gotten a little longer than I had planned, but man does it makes me mad when so many people say they can not make any money with PLR products.

That is such a lazy persons thing to say and it makes me mad, it’s just not true.

Anyone that says that needs to just quit and realize they are destin to selling their life one hour at a time at their day job for X dollars an hour.

I make a huge amount of money each year selling PLR products at least $250,000 of which comes from rebranding other
peoples PLR products and that would be much higher if I spent all my time rebranding other people’s PLR products.

It takes WAY less time to rebrand someone else’s hard work than it does to build products from scratch like I do for my SCGM sales.

You can do the same, regardless if you think you can or not.

You can, you just have to be willing to actually work a little bit and not give up when you are 95% there which seems to be the point at which most people quit and never realize success.

**************** ******************

==>> So here is my challenge to you.

(I mentioned this in the subject line)

Risk $9.95

Try one of the best PLR offers I have ever seen, the one I wish I had thought of, and the one that will make me at least an additional $200k this year when I rebrand this stuff myself.

Take the time to actually rebrand it! It is not hard contrary to what you may think and if you can not personally do it you can contact my support desk and we will tell you the exact steps to take and exactly where to outsource the work dirt cheap.

If you like what you hear and the profit you see then stay a member and get the rest of their content and do the same thing over and over again.

If you are willing to actually do a little bit of work and rebrand this killer PLR content both my staff and I will be there to help you and answer any questions you have.

If you take the advice that is given to you and you do actually rebrand some of this stuff as we guide you to do then I will go even a step further.

I will personally get on the phone with you and answer any questions you have about how to maximize the profit potential with this or any other PLR product.

Now my time is valuable. I do not do personal coaching at any cost because my time is so much better spent working on our own projects.

I would have to charge over $1000 an hour to have coaching make sense in my business.  I just make way too much money doing what we do to spend my time on the phone all day.

But….. NOTHING gets me more excited than seeing people actually take action and do something with PLR products, other than trying to sell them as is.

So I am going to make a deal with you… and I know I can easily do this because most people will be too lazy to actually take me up on it.

I hope that you are not one of the lazy ones, because I really want to see you succeed.

If you take this trial for $9.95 and truly work with this content to rebrand it, and take the advice my staff and I give you on my support desk if you have trouble getting started, and actually make your own product with this content I will see to it that you get personal one on one phone access to me.

Now I am not saying that we can spend all day on the phone twice a week, but you will be placed on the special list of people that can actually get me on the phone personally any time you need to. I will be here to answer any questions you may have, and give you any guidance I can to help you succeed.

But again please remember you must first be willing to work with my staff and I via my support desk to create your first product with this PLR content.

Then and only then once you have shown that you will invest some of your own time into yourself, will I also invest my personal time into you and help you take it to the next level.

I will make myself available to you to answer any questions you may have and I will guide you in any way I can to reaching
the kind of success level I have on the Internet.

This is likely the only time you will ever have a chance to get personal access to me for something as silly as $9.95 – but trust me it is not about the $9.95 heck I do not make a penny on that it is actually to cover shipping.

This is about me searching for those few people that are willing to take action so maybe we can work together in the future.

I thought this would be a good way to find those people.

Is this you? If so go visit this page.


Have a super day,

You Can Make Money, or You Can Make Excuses -But You Can’t Make Both!


Turn your Newsletter into a Viral Marketing & Traffic Generating Tool

When you run a website, you take a lot of time and effort to get traffic to that website. You’ve got to do many things to get people to come visit, and you want to make the most of the traffic that you receive. In order to make sure that you get repeat traffic to your website, you need to offer a free subscription to a newsletter, and then make that newsletter viral.

Making your newsletter viral is a means of increasing traffic to your website and increasing your potential customer base. When an e-mail or newsletter becomes viral, it is passed along from person to person (like a virus). Your message (and your URL) is spread to many different people and you’ll experience increased interest in your website. The first step is getting people to subscribe to your newsletter.

If your potential customer gets to your website and isn’t yet convinced to buy, they’ll move away from your page and forget about you. However, if you offer them a chance to subscribe to your newsletter when they immediately arrive, you’ll capture their name and e-mail address. They can be marketed to later through your newsletter. And that newsletter can be an important part of your viral marketing process.

Getting people to subscribe is fairly easy. Provide them with clear action statements on the first part of your web page. State “Subscribe to our Free Newsletter” or “Sign up Here to receive our Free Newsletter.” Point out where and how they can sign up by placing an opt in box directly on your homepage.

One important thing to keep in mind is that many sites offer a free newsletter. To achieve the greatest success you need to really “sell your free newsletter”. Now I don’t mean sell it for money that would make it a paid newsletter not a free newsletter. What I mean is sell your prospect on why they absolutely must subscribe to your newsletter.

When asking your prospective reader to subscribe you are asking them to invest some of their valuable time in listening to you. You need to sell them on why they should listen to you. Use the same time and care in selling your free newsletter as you would your $1000 products and you will get quality opt ins, which will turn into repeat traffic.

Once you’ve got your visitors names and e-mail addresses, the key part of your viral marketing campaign can begin. Start by adding a “pass it on” suggestion at the bottom of every newsletter. Encourage your readers to share the articles with friends and associates. These “second generation” readers will be lead to your site where they too can sign up for your newsletter.

Make sure you offer a compelling and interesting newsletter each week (or bimonthly). Make it interesting and directly related to your niche. Your newsletter should contain valuable information to the reader, and not just sales copy. If your readers get bogged down with too much “buy my product” talk, they’ll unsubscribe very quickly or just keep deleting your messages. Your name and product will be associated with poor quality and high pitch tactics which will not win you any friends.

Offer your readers articles, quizzes and how to advice related to the niche. Make it something that they look forward to receiving each week or every other week. You should work to create a friendly and approachable tone in your e-mail. You want to build a long-term relationship with your readers through your newsletter. Stay conversational and friendly. This will associate your website and your name with trustworthiness. This makes your readers more likely to pass your messages along.

If you aren’t an expert in your niche, do the research you need to make yourself into one. Providing valuable information on your topic is the best way to increase trust and make your newsletter viral. Seek out interesting information and advice that your readers will want to know. The Internet is a big place with a lot of information. Do the hard work for them, and bring them the valuable knowledge that they need related to your topic.

Your information should be good, timely and relevant. Dig beyond the surface and find sources that aren’t available to everyone. If you can provide unique information on the topic, your readers will be sure to forward your newsletter along to other interested parties.

All of the work that goes into making a newsletter viral will pay off in more traffic (and more subscribers) to your website.

Do lots of research on your niche topic to make yourself a valuable expert in your field, and then give, give, give to your readers and watch your traffic and newsletter subscription base grow.


Mark Joyners Word of Mouth Transformation experience

From: Jeremy
Subject: I Will Be There, Will You?

I’m writing because I can’t tell you to take part in Mark Joyner’s “Word of Mouth Transformation!” experience. Why not?

Because I haven’t seen it yet. No one has.

What I can tell you is that I, myself, will be registering for it the moment the clock strikes 8PM on the east coast:


Why will I be doing this myself?

1. I just got off a live webcast Mark did where 1,800 people from around the world (including some from Turkey, Iran, China, and India!) listened to him teach some of the basics of his new Word of Mouth technology.

If it’s a 10th as good as I think it will be it will be a bargain.

2. Registration is only going to be open for a short time. If you miss out you miss out.

3. I recommend you register, just to hold your seat, and then decide later.

Get this – they have put up a full 1 year refund policy. That means you could do the whole training and get a refund at the end if you wanted it.

Or, you could register, then cancel a day later if you decide it’s not for you.

So, I don’t know if this will be right for you (it sure will for me), but what I *do* know is this:

If you don’t register, you probably won’t ever get the chance to do so again – ever.


So, do yourself a favor and register as soon as the doors open. Reserve your virtual “seat” on this roller coaster ride, and then decide later.

Success is yours for the taking,
Jeremy Burns

P.S. We are only a few weeks away from SCGM v5 I will be sending you a preview link soon!


My Weekend With Anthony Robbins

Taking action is the most important thing when it comes to having success on the Internet.

This weekend I am going to the Anthony Robbins UPW seminar in Long Beach, actually its not just this weekend, it is 4 days Friday to Monday.

I have been wanting to see him live for years now so I signed up for one of his Diamond Premier seats which guarantees me a seat in one of the 1st two rows.

To say I am excited would be an understatement.

If you have never checked out Anthony Robbins’ stuff I really recommend his Personal Coaching Collection CD’s.

I just saw that it was on sale for 25% off at his site, so at $75 bucks its a great way to get your self going, here is that link


You can also search Google for “Anthony Robbins” and find all kinds of products and forum support groups to help get a fire going under your feet!

Every time I find myself slacking, Tony’s motivational techniques really fire me back up again.

While motivation is great, there is one more thing that truly sets apart who will have success and who will not.

You have to do everything you can to learn the latest ways to make things happen in your Internet marketing business.

Here is another idea that may be just what you need to achieve the level of success I have on the net.

One of the most important things when it comes to making a full time living on the Internet is being an expert at creating your own products.

I have this down cold, I have now created over 120 products from scratch to sell on the Internet.

Right now I have permission to offer you a free physical newsletter and CD that will keep you up to date every month with the latest ideas and tactics you need in your business to help you with your product creation tactics…

Keith Wellman is allowing me to give you a month to try it on him. It’s very limited so you will want check it out right now as he only gave me a few days to be able to offer this to you.


Have a great weekend,

Jeremy Burns

P.S. Regardless of if you look into some Tony Robbins products or try your free month of Keith’s newsletter “please just do something”

Nothing will happen until you take action.. I guarantee you that.

“You can make excuses, or you can make money, but you can’t make both”

7 Figure Code Bonus

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This Will Open In A New Window-


Time Management For Internet Marketers

If you’re starting an online business or already running one, you may already be aware of the ease of getting caught up surfing the web all day.

It’s easy to start the day with positive, productive intentions but it’s also easy to get sidetracked and start clicking links which lead all over the web. This makes it hard to get any work done once you make a habit of being distracted.

So how can you get back on track and make sure that you produce the quality and quantity of work you need to have a successful business? Continue reading