The Greatest Copywriting Secret Of All Time

It can take years to learn to effectively write copy for sales letters and for e-mails or direct mail pieces for your Internet marketing business. It can take a lifetime to master the skill.

This secret is so profound yet at the same time so simple that it can eliminate years from the learning curve of mastering the skill of copywriting if you just apply it correctly.

What is the secret?copywriting-secrets

Write from your heart, just like you would talk to your best friend if he or she were sitting next to you on the couch.

Writing from your heart allows you to show true concern for the person receiving your message and it will let your prospect know that you’ll always look out for their best interests.

You want to make a friend first, earn trust second and maybe recommend a product third. You really have to make sure that you don’t sound like a hype man or woman when you write. People see right through this kind of salesmanship, just as easily in writing as they do in person from a bad used car salesman in shiny white shoes.

You have to show true interest in the well being of your reader first and foremost.

When writing a sales piece you should focus on tapping into the fears, emotions, wants and well being of your reader and do everything to help solve their problems. Level with them and let them know that you understand what he or she is feeling and going through.

This will put you on the same level as your prospect and show them that you really do understand what they are going through or feeling.

You must write like you are writing to just one person and that person has to be your best friend or a loved family member.

This will make sure that you don’t open the letter with something like “Are all of you tired of looking for a better way to _____”?

You want to write a letter to your best friend Jeff or your sweet Grandma Shirley. This is where so many people writing sales copy fall short. They simply just can’t get this one simple point.

If you are going to effective copy you absolutely must write like you are writing to one single person that you deeply care for.

This will make sure that your reader feels like you are writing to just them and that they are the sole focus of your letter or message.

This will help you create a personal relationship with your reader, which will build rapport, trust and respect for you, your business and your recommendations over time.

People all over the world are used to seeing big corporate style advertising coming from a big company and not from a person like you. Everyone including you and I are learning to mentally block out this kind of advertising, it’s almost like we have gotten immune to this sort of mass media advertising.

We are now in the age of Social Marketing, and this has become a “me” world where people only care about the people that care about them back. If you do not start “caring” for your customers, and looking out for their best interests, they will stop caring about you and what you have to say to them, and that’s a guarantee!

Don’t think for one second that your prospect will give your sales piece more than 5 seconds of their time if you start out with a message that focuses more on you, rather than focusing on one of the most important people in their lives… “Them“.

This is so simple, but so often missed.

Most people marketing online write nothing but “you have to get this now, because” type e-mails and sales letters. They tell you a dozen or so hyped up reasons why you must order today, but how often do you get the impression that the person trying to sell you honestly cares if the product or service they are trying to sell you actually makes your life better once they have your cash?

Yes, you want to ask for action in your sales copy when marketing online, but you want to earn trust and build a relationship with your customers first and foremost.

Stop worrying about selling so hard and start worrying about building a relationship with your customers, when you do that you will have a customer for life, and an Internet marketing business that other marketers look at with envy.

Jeremy Burns

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Brad Gosse - March 31, 2010

Dude this is great advice. Whenever I write a sales letter or email newsletter I always think about the last customer I talked to and I speak to him/her directly. Nothing beats a genuine personal letter.

James Cochrane - March 31, 2010

Hi Jeremy,
This is a great blog post and helpful too. I agree with you completely about keeping it personal. I for one totally tune out much of the canned phrases that I receive and it usually triggers an automated response from me, i.e., the delete key. I got to this post via the email that you sent out. It’s interesting that I went back to see what made me click on it. I think the “Blog Post” at the end of the subject is what made me want to read more. Nice!

James Dix - March 31, 2010

Amazing Advice, thanks, will be used daily and I will pass this cool site on to all my marketing affiliates, entrepreneurs and members of my website

Eric Frey - March 31, 2010


This was a great post. I especially liked your closing comment “Stop worrying about selling so hard and start worrying about building a relationship with your customers, when you do that you will have a customer for life, and an Internet marketing business that other marketers look at with envy.”

I spent last weekend in Atlanta at StomerNet Live 9. This exact topic was a huge HUGE theme of the conference. Many of the speakers emphasized that there is no difference between selling on line and selling off line. It was constantly stressed that you need to build relationships and let your cusomers get to know you.

When it comes down to it, a customer or client is not buying your product or service, they are buying you. That is what you have to give them.

Again, great post and this is something that I am really going to start working a lot harder on.


Keith Watson - March 31, 2010

Hey Jeremy,
Having spent the whole day writing an autoresponder series for people signing up to our list I will now go back and read them to make sure they sound as if my best friend is telling me about Adam Eason (the hypnotherapist I was writing the series for) Really good food for thought – thanks.
Keith Watson

William Carter - March 31, 2010


I truly enjoyed your post about writing from the heart. I have just started writing content for my blog and have decided to write about my understanding of different products and what I have found to work and what doesn’t work. I believe that letting people know the truth and let them decide, goes much further and you can really build a confidence with them and then you can make the sale.

Mark Call - March 31, 2010

Dude…. awesome article that we can all put to use RIGHT NOW!

I will forward this to my whole team.
You break it down to such a simple method that you are compelling me to start writing asap!

Thanks, man!

Mark Call

Jimmy - March 31, 2010

People often ask me the same question. But, when you tell them how to do just what you suggested, they listen but don’t hear. It turns out, all you need to do is be sincere as if you were sitting at the kitchen table and talking to your Mother.

Without a doubt, I went through the same process. When I started in this business thought the world belonged to me and I new everything about everything and didn’t make a dime. I changed.

Wanna know why? funny what hunger pains will do to an Internet Marketer!


Miles T - March 31, 2010

Writing sales letters can be a maze of emotion, just like building a good relationship. This post really nails it. It’s about creating trust and talking them through how they feel. Thanks for the great reminders, especially right now when I’m right in the middle of writing a sales letter than I’m having a hard time connecting with!

MilesT .

Shawn Davis - March 31, 2010

Hi Jeremy,

A long time ago when I worked at a local Little Caesar’s Pizza shop, I always made pizzas as if someone in my family would be eating them. I knew it made for a much more professional looking product — not to mention tastier as well. My customers noticed the difference and so did my supervisors.

It’s funny though how I and many other marketers have seemingly forgotten this one critical aspect of doing business online. I think it’s the fact that we don’t ever see our customers face to face. After a while they tend to become just an email address to us. If we need more money, we send an email to an email address — often overlooking the person who owns it.

Your post here serves as a great reminder that making money in the short term isn’t the most important thing. It’s more important to build a relationship with your customers — maybe even treat them like family. In the long term, we will get what we want when they get what they want.

Thanks for a great post Jeremy!


Tom Brimeyer - March 31, 2010

I think you’ve got a great point there and there are so many people in this industry that are in it 100% for the money and who at the end of the day don’t care whether or not someone’s life is better or worse because of them.

I’d also like to add one aspect that I noticed that you didn’t cover and that is when you do this (or anything for that matter) from the heart, you actually get a lot in return and I’m talking about much more than just sales or money.

This line of work is no different than any other line of work in that if you love what you do then you’ll be great and your future is limitless but if you don’t then you’ll always find a way to create obstacles for yourself.

If you truly have something great to offer then you won’t even have to find people to buy it. They will find you.



Jhet van Ruyven - March 31, 2010


I truly believe on the saying that “when the student is ready, the teacher will come” I’ve said this each time I stumble upon the right information or opportunties at the right moment I needed them – that is if listen closely to my intuition.

I have been fortunate to be in your list for a while and seldom open the nuggets of wisdom. I trust my gut feeling and continue to subscribe though.

It’s been almost two years since I last wrote something for my blog and 5 years since I’ve written my first book. Although I dont consider myself a writer for honestly my grammar is rough around the edges or my grammars sucks in a plain simple down to earth language the book -The Tale of Juliet- You Have the Power to Change Your Life, literally become an instant bestseller with 2500 copies ordered on my first speaking engagement ever. Why am I mentioning this? Because as I read your blog and you mentioned The Greatest Copywriting Secret is when you connect to your audience or to one single person as if you are talking to them as your friend and speak from the heart. I applied this principle both when I speak and when I write (although grammar might sometimes really out of wack the message still goes out there. I could really be spontaneous too and just let my emotions and thoughts go as I type as fast as I can wanting to share what’s going on inside my heart and soul. In short, am an expressive person and sometimes short of finding the right words to say – so i do it the long way just to express what I really want to say. I better stop here before I get carried away.

Anyways, I believe because of the grammar issues and health opportunity I stopped sharing my thoughts through writing and blogging. Now I realized I have a message deep inside my heart that could only come from me that I wanted to share the world. It’s either I do a short-cut and hire a copy writer or write straight from heart and let an editor do their job once I have written my own personal style. That’s exactly what I did when I wrote The Tale of Juliet, I let it rip, and type as fast as I possibly could, close to 9 hundred pages, the editor was thrown on my lap when I have put together this thick book and condensed it to 298 pages. My writing style and voice kept in tact, the message resonated to what I am trying to say, and the message penetrates the readers heart and soul. The last order I received was for 12,500 books. So when we go inside our hearts, be transparent and be real miracles and magic moments appear.

Now that I am ready to share the world what’s inside my deepest heart and soul – making a positive difference in the world and leave this planet a better place through writing, speaking and in everyday interaction with people that cross my path I will follow your recommendation… and Mark Victor Hansen – “we all have story to tell the world, keep writing, and leave the editing to professionals”. Don’t die with the message still inside your heart. As you said,

– I’m going to start caring,
– I’ll write and speak from my heart and what’s true for me,
– stop worrying about selling,

and lastly write as if you are speaking to one single person – your best friend who you really care for.


Wow… when I started I didn’t even know what to really tell you…. this is a novel already. Blogging made easy again from here on. Starting all over again – even my website is under construction. Tale of Juliet continues…

Jhet van Ruyven
The Tale of Juliet

Jaime-Ann - March 31, 2010

I totally get this and you could not be more on the target. I come from a long history of sales experience which included raw lead generation. I feel like it is more difficult to create copy that can be read with the same impact a live conversation. When speaking to someone over the phone you at least have the chance to adapt to their pace of speaking not so much in an email or letter etc. It is very much something of a skill to be able to create a relationship, create trust, and show that you are genuine through type!! If you are passionate about something it will show through your text!

Great article!

Darren Utke - March 31, 2010

Hi Jeremy, Great Post man! I too will take this post and information to heart. Much Thanks and More Prosperity to all… 🙂

Nicholas - April 4, 2010

Basic, common sense understanding of effective communication; which many communicators miss. Thank you for directing me to this blog post.

Kenny - April 8, 2010


So simple and yet so over looked by most people trying to make a quick buck online.

I appreciate how you have taken care of your customer from that first site i bought from you (alexapowerranker.com) how long ago was that?

To the physical products and PLR I have felt you had my interests at heart unlike a few
online personalities I’ll keep to myself


Kenny Michaels

Brent - April 24, 2010

Excellent advice. This has been mentioned as one of the keys to good copy-writing in the 3d world. There they build a persona of their typical customer complete with name, age, hair and eye colour. They use a photograph of a person who looks like their persona and keep it in front of them as they write their copy.

How much better focussed would all your posts be if you did the same? How much better would you be looked after as an affiliate if you were treated with the same concern?

There is a company who have launched a new service for affiliate marketers which is very much focussed on the affiliate. There is a free report on my website.

Rob at The Marketing Beat - June 15, 2010

Such great basic advice. Many more people have that gut reaction when they feel that they are being dealt with personally. Develop relationships with your clients, as they are the ones that are the real value in your business not the company you happen to be a rep for right now.

S K Herrmann - June 17, 2010

You have an interesting approach but I think you have missed one small concept. I don’t believe that you can call anyone your friend if you cannot trust them first. More friendships end due to betrayal than anything else. Trust is always the dominant factor in any relationship. Without trust – there is nothing.

S K Herrmann - June 17, 2010

I believe you have an interesting concept but with one small issue that undermines your initial train of thought. Friendship is nice but without trust you would never consider someone to be your friend. More relationships are lost due to lack of trust than anything else. Trust first – friendships perhaps later.

Lisa Arreguin - June 17, 2010

I like the advice that you have offered on your blog. From my personal experience I can attest to the fact that the ability to develop, or at least forge a relationship with your reader and/or audience is crucial in capturing their attention. Furthermore, if you are able to make your audience feel like that they are in fact your target audience, they will likely feel more drawn to your product and likely to “purchase” what it is you are selling through your letter. Personalization and familiarism go a long way in this business. Well written article. Keep up the excellent work.

Todd - June 17, 2010

This article contains great advice. Using these techniques has helped me create more business and form better relationships with customers. A personal one on one conversation is often a skill many people forget about.

Reece - June 17, 2010

Jeremy, your blog post is exactly what I needed to read. I have always had trouble getting a relationship established with my consumers and this has opened my eyes and given me some new things to think about. I am going to change the way I word my emails, and take a step back when trying to introduce a product. I WILL write my next email campaign from my heart and not from the perspective of my wallet. Fantastic post that deserves more attention then it is getting!

ravish rane - June 17, 2010

Your headline should be something short and memorable to the readers.

Learning how to make a sales letter is a must especially if you’d like to make your online product a huge success. You’ll be able to make a great sales letter if you’ll make your page looks appealing to all kinds of customers or readers.

You’ll be able to easily sell your product online if your sales letter will make an impact to your readers that you really care about them and not just the sale. Don’t just focus about the product itself but try to give reasons why people should get your product and how they can benefit from it. If you write like you care, people will no doubt buy your product all the time.

Thank you for the tips!

Nilesh Patidar - June 17, 2010

Dear Jeremy,

I really want to offer my thanks for providing such a beautiful article. The 3 steps you have given here are amazing and mind blowing. As I am business person and totally unaware about on how to increase my sales because I don’t know how to write a SALES LETTER properly.

Well after trying this I am full agreed from your strategy and the secret. By using your concept now I am in condition on how to make new friends and develop a network. It helps me to increase my sales.

Thanks a lot again Jeremy. God Bless You.

George Varanam - June 18, 2010

The copy writing for most of the persons were boring, because they are doing it for somebody. If one has real commitment and passion he can write wonderful phrases. The copy writing should be done with the heart. It is something like you are saying some good advise to your best loved one. One should know very well the material for which he writes the words. Thus what you mention are exactly correct.

Sarah - June 18, 2010

Great post – thanks so much for writing this! As I read through it, all I could think of was how obvious the tips and suggestions seemed, but somehow this was all new information to me. Why don’t people read the things that get sent out? Because we’re not writing specifically to them, we are always just trying to sell them, specifically writing a message that comes across to just that one person reading it. If we make it all about the product or service, of course people are going to become disinterested and stop reading. It’s such simple, yet rarely used advice, and I know that it will be incredibly helpful to me moving forward. Thanks again for the great, insightful article.

Mani - June 19, 2010

This blog contains certain useful basic advices that everyone in a business has to follow so that any troubles in getting a relationship established with consumers could be solved. People will normally like and react positively when they feel that they are being dealt with personally, One among the reason for many communication fails is lack of understanding and ineffective communication. The letter or email sent should contain the facts about the product in such a way it induces the customer to purchase it. When adopted the techniques as per the guidelines given then it would make them more business and better relation with customers.

Sumit - June 19, 2010

Really nice blog , i will definately share this blog with all my business so that they can have also knowledge of gaining a new customer. I will remind this secret now whenever i will be attaining a new customer or doing follow up.
Sumit Jha

Garrett Evans - April 23, 2011

Excellent advice. Whenever I am writing to someone I always tended to get in my own way trying to sound more professional. It makes much more sense to simply write what you feel as though you were actually talking to them. It makes it seem much more personal and I know that if I were to be on the receiving end I would prefer that myself so it only makes sense that we should write that way. Sales often tend to become much more about making money and it feels rather pushy more often than not. As a consumer I am much more likely to buy something if I feel that the person selling it to me genuinely cares whether I personally buy it or not. Make people feel like people not just a walking wallet that can be exploited with overly flashy sales pitches. Anyway, you really hit the nail on the head with this one, I hope that people genuinely take this to heart.

Arumugam - April 24, 2011

Great article on copy writing secrets. No great or hard words required to spell out what we want. Just small and easy words will do. Excellent information on writing a letter. Nothing impresses the people than a personal letter which should be cordial and attractive. Many problems can be solved by following this advice which will also generate more business.

Abhinav Rai - April 24, 2011

Being a sales Person(Although not very good) and having a hobby in writing this is just the perfect Blog I was looking for.
The information you provided is simple yet accurate and can prove to be a life changing lesson for someone like me. I always thought that I don’t get as much good result as I should be or as I can. I feel I’ve got the reason why it was happening.
The idea to treat customer like a best friend just clicks and will definitely help me alot.
Thanks for a wonderful piece of knowledge keep up the good work

Louise Keri - April 24, 2011

This is great blog post, it helps me when I write a sales letter or email newsletter I always think about the last customer I talked to and I speak to him or her directly. Nothing really beats me writing a genuine personal letter. By adopting the ideas discussed in the post, I have noticed my business and my customer loyalty has grown by leaps and bounds. It’s interesting that I went back to see what made me click on it. I think the “Blog Post” at the end of the subject is what made me want to read more.

tom fox - April 25, 2011

A well written blog! This blog has advice we all can use. it was clear and direct, but most of all it impacted me. this really helps me in my field. it discusses the topic in an orderly way, while engaging the reader. I would recommend this to many colleagues.

Archana Sachan - April 25, 2011


Really nice blog, giving great advice. this blog helps me when i write a business letter. Its’ very helpful for me or everyone to develop relationship with your clients…..customers are a real value of business. I will suggest to my all friends to read this article. I will definitely forward this article to my friends.

Knowledgeable Article!!

praveen - April 25, 2011

Jeremy, your blog post is exactly what I needed to read. I have always had trouble getting a relationship established with my consumers.This article contains great advice.I am going to change the way I word my emails, and take a step back when trying to introduce a product.A personal one on one conversation is often a skill many people forget about. I WILL write my next email campaign from my heart and not from the perspective of my wallet. Fantastic post that deserves more attention then it is getting!


visal - April 26, 2011

The Progressive Way Always Works Like As You Said The Order Of Three “you Want To Make A Friend First, Earn Trust Second And Maybe Recommend A Product Third.” In My Experience It Worked A Lot.

As Now-a-days People Are Listening Are Reading Only When It’s Friendly And Trust Worthy.

Yeah As You Said When People’s Writings Sound Like Men Or Women And When The Readers Are Opposite Genders A Minimal Controversies Always Arise.

Even The Copy Of Sales Letters I Receive, When It Is Friendly And Sounds Like Interacting Face-to-face I Almost Pay Attention.

The Ideas Are Really Good And Adorable And They Are Practically Working Too. Every One Has To Read This.

Melissa - April 26, 2011

Very good blog. I agree to write from you heart, just as you would write a love letter to your boyfriend/girlfriend, a sympathy letter to someone ill or suffering. Everyone is capable of writing, you just have to put your mind and heart into it 100%. Who would want to copy someone else’s words anyways? Be creative, be yourself. Speak your mind, show your true colors. Very good advice, and I will take it with me. Thank you.

ssendy - April 26, 2011

Man, this is an awesome blogpost, nice said, and I’ll also try to write from the heart, and I’ll see is it any better, but I think that it will be better.

Julie Jevtic - March 25, 2012

Thank you for making this site so easy to find information. good stuff. Saving this one for later.


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