Turn your Newsletter into a Viral Marketing & Traffic Generating Tool

When you run a website, you take a lot of time and effort to get traffic to that website. You’ve got to do many things to get people to come visit, and you want to make the most of the traffic that you receive. In order to make sure that you get repeat traffic to your website, you need to offer a free subscription to a newsletter, and then make that newsletter viral.

Making your newsletter viral is a means of increasing traffic to your website and increasing your potential customer base. When an e-mail or newsletter becomes viral, it is passed along from person to person (like a virus). Your message (and your URL) is spread to many different people and you’ll experience increased interest in your website. The first step is getting people to subscribe to your newsletter.

If your potential customer gets to your website and isn’t yet convinced to buy, they’ll move away from your page and forget about you. However, if you offer them a chance to subscribe to your newsletter when they immediately arrive, you’ll capture their name and e-mail address. They can be marketed to later through your newsletter. And that newsletter can be an important part of your viral marketing process.

Getting people to subscribe is fairly easy. Provide them with clear action statements on the first part of your web page. State “Subscribe to our Free Newsletter” or “Sign up Here to receive our Free Newsletter.” Point out where and how they can sign up by placing an opt in box directly on your homepage.

One important thing to keep in mind is that many sites offer a free newsletter. To achieve the greatest success you need to really “sell your free newsletter”. Now I don’t mean sell it for money that would make it a paid newsletter not a free newsletter. What I mean is sell your prospect on why they absolutely must subscribe to your newsletter.

When asking your prospective reader to subscribe you are asking them to invest some of their valuable time in listening to you. You need to sell them on why they should listen to you. Use the same time and care in selling your free newsletter as you would your $1000 products and you will get quality opt ins, which will turn into repeat traffic.

Once you’ve got your visitors names and e-mail addresses, the key part of your viral marketing campaign can begin. Start by adding a “pass it on” suggestion at the bottom of every newsletter. Encourage your readers to share the articles with friends and associates. These “second generation” readers will be lead to your site where they too can sign up for your newsletter.

Make sure you offer a compelling and interesting newsletter each week (or bimonthly). Make it interesting and directly related to your niche. Your newsletter should contain valuable information to the reader, and not just sales copy. If your readers get bogged down with too much “buy my product” talk, they’ll unsubscribe very quickly or just keep deleting your messages. Your name and product will be associated with poor quality and high pitch tactics which will not win you any friends.

Offer your readers articles, quizzes and how to advice related to the niche. Make it something that they look forward to receiving each week or every other week. You should work to create a friendly and approachable tone in your e-mail. You want to build a long-term relationship with your readers through your newsletter. Stay conversational and friendly. This will associate your website and your name with trustworthiness. This makes your readers more likely to pass your messages along.

If you aren’t an expert in your niche, do the research you need to make yourself into one. Providing valuable information on your topic is the best way to increase trust and make your newsletter viral. Seek out interesting information and advice that your readers will want to know. The Internet is a big place with a lot of information. Do the hard work for them, and bring them the valuable knowledge that they need related to your topic.

Your information should be good, timely and relevant. Dig beyond the surface and find sources that aren’t available to everyone. If you can provide unique information on the topic, your readers will be sure to forward your newsletter along to other interested parties.

All of the work that goes into making a newsletter viral will pay off in more traffic (and more subscribers) to your website.

Do lots of research on your niche topic to make yourself a valuable expert in your field, and then give, give, give to your readers and watch your traffic and newsletter subscription base grow.

Jeremy Burns

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Stanley Tang - Internet Marketing Strategies - January 5, 2008

Great stuff Jeremy.

I’m a big fan of viral marketing 🙂


Shavkat Karimov - January 11, 2008

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Joe - March 2, 2010

Hi Jeremy
I am still a complete newbee to internet marketing after four years of buying bits & bobs I watched a couple of your videos today and found them very good and informative.Have you any training programs that would take someone like me by the hand and walk them through setting up a site and the rest that goes with it right through to the final bit. One more point I would like to ask/mention how can one turn ebooks in to physical products cd/dvd due to ebay not allowing digital product sales.
Best regards
Joe Norfolk

Billy Davis - March 5, 2010

Hello Jeremy,

New to your site and saw your post on “Turn your Newsletter into a Viral Marketing & Traffic Generating Tool”. Great info! I look forward to reading and most of all learning more from your site.

Mark Jarvis - January 7, 2011

Squeeze pages are definitely important and the act of gathering emails or list building is the name of the game. These can be used as online currency to leverage your site and provide potential customers for your site as well. Offer something free, anything, a newsletter works for me.

Retro Petite - February 1, 2011

Very useful information, I am also new to internet marketing, Thanks for posting this!


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