What is PLR and How It Can Help Your Internet Business

Creating new products and content to sell or give away in your Internet marketing business, is just good business sense. Your prospects and customers, have a never ending need and desire for new information.

The main job in your Internet marketing business is to provide the information and training that your customers are looking for, to solve their problems and needs.

Unfortunately for many of us we would have rather have our wisdom teeth extracted than to actually have to write that content ourselves.

The more content you add to your product library the more valuable your services are to your lifetime customers; there’s really no escaping the need to create new content. If you want to have a viable business on the Internet you need to constantly provide new and interesting content to your customers and subscribers plain and simple.

But it’s never really that simple is it? Regardless of whether you use freelance workers on websites like Elance.com and vWorker.com or create everything on your own, content creation takes valuable time and money. These are hard to come by resources for many small home Internet marketing entrepreneurs.

This market is too fast paced for you to release content slowly, if you want to keep your Internet business profitable, you need constant content, and creating content on your own takes a lot of time and money.

One of the biggest time and money savers you will ever find in your Internet marketing business is Private Label Rights (aka) PLR content.

You’ve probably already heard about PLR and may have even used it before.

PLR content can save you a ton of time from creating your own content in-house, and can also save you time and cash over hiring outsourcers to create content for you.

There is one small problem that you need to be made aware of…

Most PLR Content Sucks!

There I said it, most PLR content sucks, it’s unfortunate but true.

There are literally thousands of places to get PLR content on the Internet, but most of the PLR content that you come across on the Internet can be flat out cheap and tacky.

There are many PLR content creators that try to take the cheapest route possible when creating the content that they will try to sell to you. You have to be very careful when purchasing PLR content, because if the content sucks, it’s going to make it look like you suck when you try to deliver that content to your customers.

You are better off delivering no new content to your customers, then to distribute content with your name on it that has been created poorly.

When you do find good quality PLR content however, you can resell that content directly to your customers as is, or rip the content apart and create new derivative products and training tutorials at a cost well below creating content from scratch.

The point of buying PLR is so that you have the freedom to customize your products but you don’t necessarily have to!

The products should be of a high quality standard!

I understand this which is why all of my products are pretty much ready-to-sell and you also have complete control over anything you want to customize.

I just launched my latest package of 10 brand new PLR products.
Source Code Gold Mine v12 is live.

This package contains not only the products for you to edit or resell but it also includes all the necessary web pages, marketing tools and more to jump start your Internet business!

10 new PLR products for less than $10 a piece? Check out Source Code Gold Mine v12 today!

To your success,
Jeremy Burns

P.S. Leave a comment below and let me know how you have used PLR content in your Internet marketing business.

Jeremy Burns

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Anna Garnier - March 6, 2013

Interesting blog content. I am new in IM and I recently started a blog where I, with the help of my mentor Marc Milburn, help everyone who’s interested to set up a successful internet business. I have a lot to learn and I will put your information to good use.
Thank you very much.

Chris - May 18, 2013

Just downloaded my first PLR product and had to do plenty editing. It isn’t exactly garbage, but it requires more input from me than I had anticipated. Sounds like you have a solution worth looking into.

Gary J Martin - June 9, 2013

Yes, I totally agree most PLR sucks.
I’ve tried product from several different sites and they have been disappointing to say the least.
Might as well have written the thing from scratch.
I have to say though, that your products in the past has been very high quality. Plus unlike most, you have software and video and not just the written word.

Nigel - June 14, 2013

Yes, I’ve used PLR in the past. What I’ve done is used articles from the online article directories (always with the permission of the author(s) of course) to include in ebooks or ezines to send to my members/list. I have always used this as free stuff and it seems to go down well.

Matthew Crump - March 24, 2015

Hey Jeremy,

Awesome Post Mate Love Reading All About Your Views on Private Label Rights Products

Think It’s About Time You Never the World Some More J Burn’s PLR Goodness 🙂

-The Crumpster


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